Is there something more romantic, more intense than sharing experiences, passions and emotions together?

There can be no greater expression of love than two people sharing what they love.

And so Travelist was born.  As a way to narrate our experiences together.

We’re probably a bit different from the other travel bloggers: we haven’t left our jobs and dedicated our lives to the exploration of the world.
We really like our life routine, our small circle of friends and family, our meeting point.

The fact is that our normal, everyday, boring life is already a wonderful adventure.
Anyway, tell our travels on Travelist for us is a fantastic new challenge:create a blog and keep on posting on it, while working, it will not be easy.
It’s just the little thing that we love, to motivate each other.

Photography, italian food, wine, breathtaking landscapes, the unparalleled beauty and story of our cities. All these elements inspired my stories and Paola’s photos.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and that will inspire you to discover the lands that make our Country unique.

Welcome to Travelist!
May our journey never ends!
Riccardo and Paola

If you want to know more about Travelist, check the article “Welcome to Travelist” below:

Welcome to Travelist Italia

Welcome to Travelist! Read more if you want to know more about our blog.