Special Moments in the Heart of the Eternal City


Choosing the subject of the first article of Travelist, was no easy task. Among all the wonderful places we visited in recent years, there were all kinds of great alternatives: abandoned villages, beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and rarely beaten paths. We live in a Country that puts us in front of an infinite number of amazing places and unique, so why, you might be wondering, start with the (perhaps) most banal choice?


Sant'Angelo Castle

S. Peter

Tiber Island




Castel Sant’Angelo and San Pietro are the center of the old papal Rome, but it’s really hard to breath the mystical atmosphere of these places in the daytime, when thousands of tourists and workers flock to the Tiber and fill the squares. But, at dawn, the streets are still empty. Silence creates the unique atmosphere and magic that allows you to perceive all the solemnity of this place.
Browse album above to see all photos!San Pietro at dawn –  Photos by © Paola Kervin
The best time to fully enjoy this solitude is definitely the summer season, when the sun is located more or less at five. The trouble of getting up so early will be amply rewarded when you will are greeted by the sun rising behind Castel Sant’Angelo and by St. Peter’s facade painted in pink.

If you prefer to experience all the typical bustle of these places, the highlight is definitely the afternoon after five o’clock, when the summer heat subsides and people flock to the downtown streets with the desire to have an aperitif at sunset. You could start your walk passing by the Cassazione and stopping on Umberto I bridge to enjoy one of the best views of Saint Peter’s. The ideal is to be there at sunset and wait for the sky to be set on fire and for the city lights to be turned on.

Browse album above to see all photos!Sunset on Tiber –  Photos by © Paola Kervin

Experience and Food


An unexpected bonus and not always known are the steps that each of the Tiber bridge offers to travel down the river bank. From the base, you have a unique view of the city and different architecture and monumental bridges; Moreover, throughout the summer, the river banks are filled with stalls of traditional markets and of typical and ethnic restaurants, cocktail bars and Street Food. A real surprise for a tourist, unique and unforgettable experience.
Browse album above to see all photos! – Illuminated Sant’Angelo Castle  –  Photos by © Paola Kervin
If you have time and want to experience an even more special and tasty, we recommend heading to vicolo della Luce 2, at the Fish Market where you can get a nice fish fry takeout, a bottle of white wine – we recommend from Circeo – or one Kius sparkling Di Marco Carpineti (to stay in the Lazio region), which I personally love.
Fatta la vostra profumatissima e deliziosa spesa, attraversate il ponticello che porta sull’isola Tiberina, senza troppi problemi sedevi per terra e godetevi il tutto tra le luci ed i rumori della Città Eterna.

Buona permanenza a Roma 😉

Paola Kervin e Riccardo Ciabattoni

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