Let the journey begin

We have to admit it, It has taken quite a long time before we finally decided to publish this blog.

We kept wondering why we should publish a new travel blog, since that there are thousands similar ones on the web.

But we decided to go ahead with this experience without thinking so much about whether or not it would be successful. Internet is a useful tool for reaching several purposes, but sometimes we forget the most important ones: memories, experiences.

Years pass by, memories fade away and we lose details and feelings which defined what we are now.

This is why we created Travelist: the goal is to record memories and to share passions without which man will never achieve happiness. It won’t be a personal diary though: we will try to give you some useful tips and most of all we’ll try to inspire and tempt you with the idea of exploring new places, landscapes and atmospheres.

What is Travelist?

In short: Travelist is a travel blog.

“Another one?” you might be wondering.

Not exactly. We won’t add new practical yet trivial informations to the endless database that already exists on the web. We are in 2017, and I don’t think you need us to understand how to get from the airport to the centre of the town, or the opening hours of a given museum.

That doesn’t mean this is going to be two random tourists’ hobby who tell you about their summer holidays. We won’t write about marvelous exotic places or far away countries we’ve visited for a couple days, or their beautiful lodges and resorts.

Our goal is to help you discover, through our experiences and opinions, all those places we really love and that we somehow got to know. We won’t limit our analysis to the minute by minute description of our itinerary, we aim instead to involve you with our impressions, and to make you truly want to go see an actual place and live it as we have.

Practically, we’ll mostly treat the discovery of our territory, the beautiful Italy, which captures and hides treasures which are sometimes unknown, a country that’s often considered a kind of a large open field museum. We maintain that our nation has much more to tell, apart from its many monuments, yet that sadly doesn’t come to mind. In this case we’ll follow our passions: aided by some pictures, we’ll tell you about seasons, colors, and with our stories we’ll see you through Italian traditions, with a particular focus on the culinary and enological ones.

This doesn’t mean we’ll speak just about Italy either, all the contrary, instead. We’ll be glad to write about the rest of the world, but only when we’ll be sure to have captured the essence of those faraway places, and that we can say something true on them. You’ll never find places we haven’t been before, or that we don’t reckon to have fully understood.

Naturally, we’re not saying our site is better than other similar ones, or that we are better or wiser. These are our intentions, and we commit to create quality content, while hoping to communicate some emotions.

So, dear visitors, enjoy your reading.

We hope that anyone who passes here may find himself involved by our way of living the world.